PENTA always makes a point of treating subcontractors as partners, not adversaries.

The projects are run with the subcontractors efficiencies in mind, which helps contribute to profitable jobs. Active Pull-Planning sessions give subcontractors an opportunity to have their voice heard in the scheduling process, creating buy-in and facilitating preferable sequence. The Preconstruction teams are straight-forward, fair, and provide well-defined direction before the bid and feedback after the bids. Preconstruction teams spend a lot of time scoping the bids to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Luke Burke, Vice President, Victory Woodworks
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We are committed to building trust and a strong relationship within the subcontractor community. This commitment is the reason our trade partners consistently speak highly of working with PENTA. In addition to a safety rating consistently below the national average, we have worked with over 20,000 subcontractors on over 800 projects and have only had one instance that ended in a formal dispute. We believe that fact speaks volumes about our relationship-focused approach to working with our trade partners.

Our diverse range of projects means we are always looking for a variety of new specialties and team members to add their expertise to our list of prequalified firms. To begin a relationship with PENTA, click on the 'Get Started' link above.

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